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 Friday, 07 Dec. 2012

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 16:35 – 18:15


                  Abstract : "Nobel Prizes in atomic physics, from Kastler (1966) and Ramsey-Dehmelt-Paul (1989)

                                   to this year’s recognition of Haroche and Wineland, demonstrate that the spirit of discovery

                                   can be “inherited” from great scientists, through the example of their teaching and their way

                                   of approaching physics, and from great institutions, through environments that encourage

                                   exploration and nurture creative research at the frontiers of knowledge."


These talks by the 1997 Nobel Laureates Bill Phillips and Claude Cohen-Tannoudji are part of a (Nobel) pre-prize event

including a panel discussion about creative scientific environments with Gunnar Öquist from the Royal Swedish Academy

of Sciences and Katharine Gebbie from NIST.




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