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                                   Stockholms Mathematics Center - Colloquium





 Wednesday, 27. Nov. 2013

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 15:15 – 16:15



Rudin's classic treatise "Function Theory in Polydiscs" (1969) studies complex analysis on polydiscs starting from the following question: How much of our extremely detailed knowledge about holomorphic functions in the unit disc can be carried over to an analogous situation in several variables, namely to polydiscs? A different perspective comes from the work of H. Bohr and Bohnenblust--Hille several decades earlier; here the main issue is function theory in the infinite-dimensional polydisc or, more precisely, estimates in finite-dimensional polydiscs that are independent of the dimension. I will discuss some examples, old and new, of what these different viewpoints have led to, as well as connections to other areas.


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