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 Thursday, 21. Mar. 2013

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DESIREE (Double ElectroStatic Ion Ring ExpEriment) is a new research

facility at Stockholm University and AlbaNova. Its main instrument consists

of two electrostatic ion storage rings with 8,6 meters circumferences and

with a common section for merged ion beams experiments. The two rings and

their vacuum chamber are cooled to 10 Kelvin by which most ions relax to

their lowest electronic and vibrational ground states during long time

storage. By this, it is possible to study collisions between internally cold

positive and negative ions at kinetic energies ranging down to the meV

range. DESIREE is the first instrument at which this is possible. The

commissioning work is well under way and 10 keV atomic and molecular ion

beams have been trapped and 1/e ion storage times of several minutes have

been measured. The physical pressure is in the 10^-14 mbar range at 13

Kelvin. The DESIREE rings are also well suited for studies of stabilities

and photo-absorption features of internally cold molecules. Experiments with

ion beams of atoms, molecules, clusters, and bio-molecules are possible.

First results using an Electro Spray Ion Source and ion beams of Polycyclic

Aromatic Hydrocarbons will be discussed briefly.

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