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           “The importance of large deviations in non-equilibrium systems”





  Thursday, 08. Sept 2016

  Videos below are the same, but have been  recorded

   using different audio sources, direct vs. mic audio.


       -   Video1.mp4  direkt Audio (ca.279 Mb)

       -   Video2.mp4  Mic-Audio (ca.276 Mb)


 15:15 – 16:15


           Speaker: Bernard Derrida (Collège de France and Ecole Normale Supérieure)


Abstract :


Several  symmetries of non equilibrium systems such as fluctuation theorems or work relations

can be formulated in terms of large deviation functions. After a brief review of these general

properties the talk will focus on a series of results obtained over the last decade on the large

deviation functions of diffusive systems. It will also list a number of open issues for diffusive

and non diffusive systems.


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