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   “Quantum simulations: from condensed matter to high energy models”





  Thursday, 02. Feb 2017

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 15:15 – 16:20



                                                         Ignacio Cirac (MPI)


Abstract :

Many-body quantum systems are very hard to describe and simulate in general, since

the dimension of the state space grows exponentially with the number of particles,

volume, etc. Cold atoms in optical lattices as well as trapped ions may help us in that task,

as one can engineer the interactions among the atoms in order to emulate many-body

quantum problems. In this talk I will briefly summarize proposals to simulate condensed

matter as well as high energy physics models with those systems. I will also show how

photonic crystal structures can be used to design subwavelength optical lattices in two

dimensions for ultracold atoms, potentilally achieving a better peformance than current

experimental set-ups.


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