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                   “Critical Tests of the Theory of the Early Universe using

                                    the Cosmic Microwave Background”




  Thursday, 16. Feb 2017

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 15:15 – 16:15



                                                           Eiichiro Komatsu

                            (Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics, Garching, Germany)

Abstract :

The Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB), the fossil light of the Big Bang, is the oldest

light that one can ever hope to observe in our Universe. The CMB provides us with a

direct image of the Universe when it was still an "infant" - 380,000 years old - and has

enabled us to obtain a wealth of cosmological information, such as the composition, age,

geometry, and history of the Universe. Yet, can we go further and learn about the primordial

universe, when it was much younger than 380,000 years old, perhaps as young as a tiny

fraction of a second? If so, this gives us a hope to test cosmic inflation, the leading paradigm

on the origin of our Universe at ultra high energies.  In my talk I will review the physics of

temperature and polarization anisotropies of the CMB and the key results from the recent

experiments, and discuss future prospects on our quest to probe the physical conditions

of the very early Universe.



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