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                                                      “Star Formation”




  Thursday, 07. Sept 2017

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                                                             Ralf Klessen

                                                          (University Heidelberg)


Abstract :

Stars and star clusters are the fundamental visible building blocks of galaxies at present

days as well as in the early universe. They form by gravitational collapse in regions of

high density in the complex multi-phase interstellar medium. The process of stellar birth

is controlled by the intricate interplay between the self-gravity of the star-forming gas

and various opposing agents, such as supersonic turbulence, magnetic fields, radiative

feedback, gas pressure, and cosmic rays. Turbulence plays a dual role. On global scales

it provides support, while at the same time it can promote local collapse.

This process is modified by the thermodynamic response of the gas, which is determined

by the balance between various heating and cooling processes, which in turn depend on

the chemical composition of the material. I will review the current status of the field and

discuss a few examples of the recent progress in present-day star formation and speculate

about the implications for the first and second generation of stars in the universe.


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