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                                                      “Star Formation”




  Thursday, 28. Sept 2017

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                                                            Hiranya Peiris



Abstract :

Modern fundamental physics contains ideas just as revolutionary as those of Copernicus

or Newton; ideas that may radically change our understanding of the world; ideas such as

extra dimensions of space, or the possible existence of other Universes.

Testing these concepts requires enormous energies, far higher than what is achievable by

the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, and in fact, beyond any conceivable Earth-bound

experiments. However, at the Big Bang, the Universe itself performed the ultimate experiment

and left clues and evidence about what was behind the origin of the cosmos as we know it,

and how it is evolving. And the biggest clue is the afterglow of the Big Bang itself.

In the past decade we have been able to answer age-old questions accurately, such as

how old the Universe is, what it contains, and its destiny. Along with these answers have also

come many exciting new questions. I will present an overview of current cosmological

constraints from the cosmic microwave background and large galaxy surveys, and comment

on some of the experimental and methodological innovations that are needed to realise the

promise of upcoming surveys.


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