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                               “… latest news on gravitational wave astronomy”




  Monday, 16. Oct 2017

    Video-Recording for any system with MP4-support

   - Video.mp4  (ca.224 Mb) (Live-Stream not included.)

 16:00 – 17:10



                                                          Ariel Goobar (SU)


Abstract :

You are all cordially invited to watch the live-stream of the release of the latest news

on gravitational wave astronomy, on the afternoon of Monday October 16, in the

Oskar Klein Lecture room.


Scientists representing LIGO, Virgo, and some 70 observatories will reveal new details

and discoveries made in the ongoing search for gravitational waves.

This will take place at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.




After the live-stream from Washington, scientists at the Oskar Klein Centre will report

on their research connected to the new findings.


On behalf of the GREAT team, https://www.great.cosmoparticle.com


The future colloquium program can be found at:



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