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                                                “Network Data Analysis”





 Wednesday, 07. Feb 2018

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 15:15 – 16:20



                                                              Sofia Olhede

                                                        (University College London)


Abstract :

A network is a set of entities (vertices) and binary relationships (edges) between them.

Statistical analysis of such objects is hindered by the fact that the vertex labelling of the

network normally does not carry any information, the network is made from a very large

set of vertices, and the number of network edges is relatively modest.

A natural assumption to make in this setting is that the network is a realisation of an

exchangeable array. I will discuss different methods of data analysis for such types of

data with weak assumptions on the data generating mechanism, and what information

can be gleaned from different data summaries that both carry structural information,

and a notion of scale.


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