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                                             "Neutron stars come of age"





 Thursday, 04. April 2019

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 15:15 – 16:25



                                                              Sanjay Reddy

                                                        (University of Washington)


Abstract :

About 50 years after their discovery, neutron stars are poised to take center stage in this era

of multi-messenger astrophysics. In the not-so-distant-future (10-20 years) it is likely that

next generation gravitational wave observatories will detect gravitational waves from

hundreds of mergers involving neutron stars every year. I will highlight advances in theory

and mention some key observations that have already provided fundamental new insights

about neutron star properties and their central role in nuclear astrophysics. I will discuss

how neutron stars, and extreme phenomena involving them, can serve as laboratories to

study phase transitions in dense matter, nucleosynthesis, and dark matter in the coming



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