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                         "New topological spintronics devices for GreenIT"





 Thursday, 29. Aug. 2019

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                                                                Mathias Kläui

                                                  (Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz)


Abstract :

In our information-everywhere society IT is a major player for energy consumption and

novel spintronic devices can play a role in the quest for GreenIT.

Reducing power consumption of mobile devices by replacing volatile memory by fast

non-volatile spintronic memory could also improve speed and a one-memory-fits-all

approach drastically simplifies the microelectronic architecture design.


Novel low power magnetic memory and logic devices have been proposed using topologically

stabilized skyrmion spin structures, where switching by alternative means, such as spin-

polarized currents is used. We study the rich physics of the interaction between spin currents,

photons and the magnetization, and we have used spin-polarized charge carriers and photons

to excite spin dynamics and gauge the ultimate speed for the manipulation of magnetization.

At the same time we are proposing non-conventional stochastic logic devices based on

skyrmions for ultra-low power computing.


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