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        “The Origin of Matter in The Universe --- Why do we exist ? ---"





  Thursday, 23  Jan. 2020

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 15:15 – 16:15


                                (Tsutomu Yanagida from Shanghai Jiao Tong University)



In this colloquium, I will explain why tiny neutrino masses are a key

ingredient to explain the baryon asymmetry in the universe. The small

neutrino masses are elegantly explained by the Seesaw mechanism which

predicts large Majorana masses of the right-handed neutrinos. These

heavy Majorana fermions are nothing but sources of baryon asymmetry in

the universe. I observed the seesaw mechanism more than 40 years ago.


I will show you why I could find this mechanism, which I never explained

in such a public lecture beside a few small places. And I will show you

why I gave it the name "Seesaw Mechanism".

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