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                   “Emergent supersymmetry in condensed matter models

                                       of interacting Majorana fermions"





 Thursday, 23 April 2020

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 17:15 – 18:15


                                                               Ian Affleck

                                                                 (University of British Columbia)



It has been proposed that a superconductor in a magnetic

field, in proximity to a topological insulator, has a Majorana fermion at the core

of every vortex.  I will discuss the  phase diagram of this system with interactions

between the Majorana fermions included. In the (1+1)  dimensional case the phase

diagram has been well confirmed by a combination of analytical and  numerical

methods.  It includes 3 non-trivial phases with emergent Lorentz invariance and

a critical  point with Lorentz invariant supersymmetry.

I will then discuss our conjecture on the 2 dimensional square vortex  lattice case,

which also includes emergent Lorentz invariance and supersymmetry


Bio: Ian Affleck is fellow of the British Royal Society, a foreign associate of the

French Academy of Sciences and a winner of the American Physical Society

Onsager Prize. He began his career in high energy theory, including cosmology,

but switched into condensed matter theory many years ago. He often applies

techniques from high energy  theory to condensed matter physics.


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