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“What Dark Matter is… and what it isn’t: Reminiscences from Stockholm"





  Tuesday 2 June 2020

    Video-Recording for any system with MP4-support

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 16:00 – 17:15



                                                         Katherine Freese

                                                             (UT Austin/OKC)



After some reminiscences about my time in Stockholm, I will talk about work

with my group on the question of the nature of the Dark Matter in the Universe.

I will discuss five topics:


  i) Cosmological probes of neutrino properties;

 ii) Regarding WIMP searches: status and what is going on with DAMA?

iii) Axions and Primordial Black Holes;

iv) Dark Stars (the first stars could have been powered by dark matter rather

     than by fusion) and

 v) New ways to test the nature of Dark matter: the GAIA satellite and stellar streams

     as a test of Cold Dark Matter.

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