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“From chromatic interferometry to a new paradigm for experimental physics"





  Thursday, 04 Feb 2021

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In conventional experiments, quantum systems are interrogated by measurement

devices which destroy quantum coherence. We theoretically develop the new

subject of 'chromatic interferometry' by going beyond the usual paradigm:

we deliberately entangle experimental samples with lab apparatuses and perform

coherent quantum operations on the joint system to extract hidden correlations.

This enables a new and powerful method of high-resolution imaging for multi-

wavelength sources, which has been experimentally realized by the group of

Jian-Wei Pan.

The method has applications ranging from astrophysics to microscopy.

More broadly, we will discuss a quantum information-theoretic framework to

study experiments where apparatuses can be entangled with experimental samples,

and quantum coherence is maintained thereafter.  It can be proved that for several

'model' experiments, there is an exponential savings in resources if the

experimentalist can entangle apparatuses with experimental samples.


Speaker today:    Jordan Cotler   (Harvard)


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