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                                                                      ”Demystification of blackholes




 Thursday, 10 March 2022

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Speaker today:  Gia Dvali  (LMU & MPI, Munich)



Black holes are considered to be one of the most mysterious objects of

nature due to their properties such as the information horizon,

absence of hair, thermal evolution and information storage and

processing. We argue that these properties are not specific to gravity

but are generic to a large class of objects, called ``saturons", that

exhibit a maximal microstate degeneracy. The role of saturons is

played by solitons and various other bound states in ordinary field

theories, including in the theory of Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD)

describing strong interactions. They exist also in non-relativistic

many-body systems and can potentially be studied in labs. This view

opens up a very different perspective on black hole physics, allowing

its understanding in terms of the universal phenomena of saturation

and Goldstone effect. It also suggests a link with seemingly remote

phenomena, such as confinement in QCD, and provides some new

observational prospects.


Brief CV:

Gia Dvali is professor and chair at the Ludwig Maximilian University and a

director at the Max Planck Institute for Physics in Munich since 2010.

Until 2019 he was a professor of physics and endowed chair (Silver chair)

at NYU where he was a faculty since 1998. He also held a permanent

position at CERN between 2007-2012 and faculty position at ICTP in 1997.

He has a PhD from the Institute of Physics and Tbilisi state university,

Tbilisi, Georgia.


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