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                                             " The ART of radiotherapy "




 Thursday, 07 April 2022

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Speaker today:  Marta Lazzeroni  (MSF, FYSIKUM/SU)



Radiation is a double-edged sword in oncological care. It is used for diagnostic

and treatment purposes but it holds the potential for inducing cancer and other

detrimental effects in healthy cells. Radiotherapy relies on imaging to deliver

a radiation dose that sterilizes the tumour cells and minimizes the impact on the

surrounding tissues. Physicists specialised in the medical use of ionising radiation

play a key role in imaging and irradiating tumours as well as on optimising the

overall treatment strategy.  In this lecture, we explore the use of imaging in light

of these fundamental questions: can we “paint” with radiation based on tumour

imaging information? Can we predict, at an early time point, which patients

will not respond to the treatment?

If so, how can we adapt the treatment to the patient needs.


Marta Lazzeroni is a associate professor at the department of physics (SU).

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