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                        "Operator Algebras and Analytic Group Theory"




 Wednesday, 28 Sept 2022

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 15:15 – 16:20



                                           SMC Colloquium lecture


                                                 Matthew Kennedy

                                        (University of Waterloo, KAW guest professor at SU)



Since the work of von Neumann, the theory of operator algebras has been

inextricably linked to the theory of groups. On the one hand, operator algebras

constructed from groups provide an important source of examples and insight.

On the other hand, many problems about the groups are most naturally studied

within an operator-algebraic framework. In this talk I will give an overview

of some problems relating the structure of a group to the structure of a

corresponding operator algebra, and describe some recent developments.

In particular, I will discuss the recent solution of the following very natural

problem: For which groups is the algebra simple?


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