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                       "Mathematics-Physics section celebration evening"




  Thursday, 16 Feb 2023

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 17:05 – 17:20

 17:25 – 17:40

 17:45 – 18:00

 18:15 – 18:30

 18:35 – 18:50

 18:55 – 19:10

(“Grey-marked” videos will be enabled for public viewing,  once they have been approved by the speakers.)


This is a new initiative with the aim to celebrate our colleagues who have been

 promoted or who have received the docent title during 2022.

Each of them will have a popular presentation of their research area.

It is emphasized that also non-experts should gain from hearing the presentations.

The celebration evening is also an opportunity to meet staff members

from the other departments within the Mathematics-Physics Section

of the Faculty of Science. (Astronomy, Mathematics, Meteorology and Physics).




17.00: Introduction

New Promoted Associate professors:


17.05-17.20: Angela Adamo, Astronomy:

 JWST first results:  a new dawn for star formation in evolving galaxies


17.25-17.40: Daniel Ahlberg, Mathematics:

 Random spatial processes


17.45-18.00: Markus Kowalevsky, Physics:

 Shining Light on Molecules: From Ultrafast X-Ray

Spectroscopy to Photochemistry in Nano Resonators


New Docents:


18.15-18.30: Marc Helmuth, Mathematics:

 Explicit Modular Decomposition


18.35-18.50: Foivos Perakis, Physics:

 Exploring the physics of liquid-liquid transitions


18.55-19.10: Sara Strandberg, Physics:

 Particle Hunting at the Large Hadron Collider


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