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 Thursday, 05 Oct. 2023

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 18:15 – 19:00


                       “Entanglement Detection and Applications"


                                     Prof. Mohamed Bourennane





Entanglement is one of the most puzzling features of quantum theory and

of great importance for the new field of quantum information theory.

The determination of whether a given state is entangled or not is one of the most

challenging open problems of this field. For the experimental detection of

entanglement Bell inequalities are widely used. However, even for two-qubit systems

there exist entangled states which do not violate any Bell inequality.

The tool of choice in this case is the Peres-Horodecki criterion as it gives a

simple sufficient and necessary condition for entanglement. Yet, the situation

is much more complicated for higher dimensional and multipartite systems,

where simple necessary and sufficient conditions are not known.

Entanglement is key resource in quantum communication and computation tasks

such as quantum cryptography, quantum teleportation and factoring large prime

numbers. In this talk, I give overview about entanglement and our efforts on the

detection and characterization of multipartite entanglement, bound entanglement,

measurement-device-independent entanglement witness and applications in

quantum information processing.


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