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  Tuesday, 12 Oct. 2023

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 13:00 – 14:00


                                               OKC colloquia:

               Echos of the Early Universe in Axion Haloscopes


                                                   Nick Rodd

                                              (Dep. of Theoretical Physics, CERN))



The coming decade will bring dramatic improvement in the axion dark-matter

program as new experimental designs move beyond the proof of principle stage.

 In this talk I will outline two signals beyond dark matter that these instruments

could discover. The first is a population of relativistic axions that were produced

in the early universe and persist as a residual Cosmic axion Background (CaB).

The second is high-frequency gravitational waves; I will outline how exploiting

an analogy between axion and gravitational-wave electrodynamics allows for

axion haloscopes to be converted into gravitational-wave telescopes.


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